McCall's Greenhouse Project

McCall's Greenhouse Project

You can help enrich the living experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities!

McCall's clients often have life challenges which are different from those of the average person. Much of their lives involve accommodating to an environment they tend to find less than user-friendly; higher stress levels due to strains from attempting to lead an individualized, normal life in a congregate setting of non-related persons; lack of adequate social skills needed to foster productive, interpersonal relationships; and feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-accomplishment. We believe that we can moderate some of these challenges for our clients by establishing a greenhouse-based, gardening operation.

Studies show that gardening eliminates stress better than other hobbies; results in optimal moods; provides aerobic exercise increasing body strength, stamina, and flexibility; helps reduce the early onset of dementia; increases exposure to sunlight promoting stronger bones and a healthy immune system; fosters interpersonal relationships; provides a wholesome connection with the natural environment; and imparts a worthy purpose in life coupled with a sense of proven accomplishment.

Gardening with a greenhouse allows a longer growing season, increasing year-round utility in an optimal growing environment; protects the plants from adverse weather conditions and pests; and requires no dangerous pesticides. A highly useable, 15'x30'x10' aluminum/ polycarbonate greenhouse with base, costs $14,962.00 and will afford many years of useful service.

We presently have around one dozen individuals at McCall's who are either gardening on their own on informal plots, or who have expressed an interest in gardening. Provision of a greenhouse will almost certainly increase client interest. Also, we have several staff (including a certified master gardener) that have greenhouse experience who can help ensure that this project starts well, and is properly maintained. We would deeply appreciate your helping us make this worthy project a reality!

Your thoughtful donation of $10.00, $100.00, $1,000.00, or more, will help make possible an ongoing, rewarding, and healthy experience, enriching the lives of 148 individuals with intellectual disabilities. Please note that all donations to McCall's may be tax deductible, depending upon your personal income tax situation.

If you would like to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals in need, please donate to this worthy greenhouse project today!